The Icelandic Hacking Competition

2017 dates will be announced soon


In this game of wits, you and your team will solve a variety of security and computer science based challenges to earn points. Every challenge will yield a flag - a recognizable string of characters. Your team can use those flags for points on the scoreboard.


Learn by doing! Learning through practice is one of the most fun ways to learn! Team up with some fun people, and start learning invaluable skills like exploitation, decryption and hacking through a hands-on approach.


Create teams of up to 3 members. You will need all the security and computer science skills you have. There are many challenges and categories. Diversify your team and try to get people with different strengths. Remember, the more people there are on your team, the less blame each person receives.


At the end of the day, this is a contest. Hack, break and decrypt your way to the top to win some awesome prizes! Prizes will be given for best team performance, along with some other categories, so do your best!

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